How should I choose

Now I seem to have in life's crossroads, spot
Tough choices let I dare not face up to yourself!

I don't know in which direction the go!
Also don't know the road ahead, smooth or rough?
But I feel no matter how to make decisions,
My path is always hard, nuskin hk bush thought, not good!

Multifarious thoughts began to disrupt the peace of heart, the heart also began to doubt his decision!
It is forward or back, I hesitate and confused...

Like in the ocean a Ye Zhou, lost the direction, nuskin hk lose myself!
Confused, helpless, lonely, lonely, suffering... Always accompany around!

By the beginning of the calm, rational to anger, resistance to yield loss, and surrender.
Maybe people always get rid of the shackles of the curse of bad luck and destiny.
At the mercy of the fate, eventually succumb to the secular oppression...
We arrange everything, god has only according to the road, I can not!
Smooth or rough, Dream beauty pro no choice!
By playing with it, the taste of the human misery and sorrow!

Morningstar fadeout, still at dawn, the sunrise west fall...
Twenty years of beautiful mood so time Cuo effort...

Looking back, Dream beauty pro the past also along with the maple leaf pieces fall...
How should I choice!
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Over the past

Far watching the time flies, the dim light and shadow is more distant once upon a time? I don't know, also cannot know Dream beauty pro.

Leaps over time, slowly moving toward the distant past, strips or incomplete or not clear words in general. Originally these past, was I ever shear. Smiled, although I don't know, I for the sake of what, actuating the great emotions; Also don't know is why I have that great sorrow. Mind is scenes flash across, that what this is, after all, memory, with the colour of my heart, the past, who told it?

I don't know how long the road, may not have an end. I was already broken at the foot of the time, is still far into the distance. I narrow her eyes looking, Dream beauty pro countless memories in surge up behind them. Oh, I forgot I have led the way, how many story happened in my life and how many episodes. I only see, rolled and memories with all sorts of color, the color is much more than the number of seven. Some color, it also bring some let me so far unforgettable emotions, joining with the feelings of my heart deeply. And other or always makes the colour in memories of the surge, HKUE amec or even the color is not the rest of the killing in the past.

I stand here, squinting, watching the past.
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Love disappeared without a trace

A light drizzle falling Fen, Yunfu a skylight sink. I stood up, waiting for your door mask. This moment, just know already dusk. Just understand, love gone without a trace. See the winter snow, difficult in the spring, cold - pen, two bottles of wine, not be pretty lonely in a body.

Buried for a period of time, but can't forget your past, ups and downs, has fallen flower, how brave, can not feel love, Murphy hit already doomed, this section will become impossible to acquire a peaceful end of emotions, you can get rid of doom? The 渊飞 Jian Qin Ling 'in my memory, picturesque. Is the day of fun, or greedy people, one from the waves, broken originally quiet a pool of mind, destroyed a sleeve around a quality suggestive of poetry or painting dance.

Wind the cold night, the slightest shake off the tears away from the people, there are, to date, the moon waxes and wanes, people with grief at separation and joy in Union, wind, flying heart; rain, thousands of miles of desolate. Admiral version can remember, now the flowers branches pack snow cold, then the moon at the heart, then the dream smile. A wave breaks, a road, where broken rain Xiaoxiao, mind who said, shake the head lights, suddenly looking back is also empty lonely liao.

A vermilion ink pen, in chapter two, complex and chaotic, Acacia shear continuously, waiting for the millennium will hurt, broken a few desolate night rain. Life is like a song, come to an end, he has been for years, I don't, swaying in the earth, saw a night bitter ink autumn rain, in the end, it is a dream Nanke, pain from the pain, injury. It is only a dream, a prosperous, a misty rain, a mirage, Rong Hua Xie, dragon in the world, their respective limits of the earth. Dream of the millennium, is always the enemy of a prosperous but.

Don't leave the lonely tears, empty, dyed a dearly who brow. Find all over the numerous hills and streams, the final negative good will, you are still the one I like waiting, and I is not your final rely on. The world, will you remember the river water is rippling water, piano, dancing smiling at me, miss is not ready, just passing through. Write you a not circle the past, helpless, idiot feeling broken, destiny geometry, always dreaming love dilemma, since then, a person alone in an empty city.

Green yarn leaves swaying, spalling, cocoon, would hold the moon while the long end. Ephemera world, and the old resentment, perhaps the only sad people know, revisit a thousand lines of tears. The empty order her who die young. A mirage, insubstantial objects, fog shadow dream flower, asked the mirror who flowers, red, ask the water moon, for whom. Ask the shadows, who dance, ask the dream petals, for whom the zero.

How brave hero, can not feel, sigh, life is as deep as the ocean, laugh, a shallow edge such as mustard. I do not know, this season the next year, I will still crazy keep on the road when you come again in this life, The End of Life v..
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